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how many of me can you handle?

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The Bachelor:Rome - Mondays @ 9 on ABC



Found this on the web about the funny pilot below:

"Has Youtube.com become the internet version of Schwab's Drugstore?  The defunct WB comedy pilot Nobody's Watching showed up on YouTube.com about a month ago, and has now been "discovered" by NBC.  The network is expected to announce today that it has ordered six scripts and will create a series of viral videos to promote the show, says Variety.  The videos could be seen on the internet as early as this fall. The pilot stars Paul Campbell and Tarran Killam as two fans of sitcom TV who end up in a reality show.  The project is from NBC Universal TV Studio."






Current TV's Immigration Debate





Ann Coulter News Parody


Hoff's got talent?

thanks to heather for this one!

Geeky Cool Stuff

2D photos turned into 3D!!!!!

and for the ice cream lovers who can't find the flavors they want anywhere create your custom ice cream flavors at ecreamery.com

Cucumber Dill, Chocolate Merlot with sour gummy worms and thyme or whatever you want!


Random Celebrity Crush!

So y'all know how i feel bout video blogs, well blogs in general (such a hypocrite i know)
but this is awesome. my friend Riki sent this to me make sure you watch the last couple seconds!


Hey Jude!

Ok i have to admit this video is a bit lame... however the song is great.
Jude is still one of my favorite songwriters.
He's performing at largo at the end of the month and i'll probably go so email me if you wanna
enjoy the song:

Oh and here's another one of my favorites:

and the last of this post:



WOW this show's funny: it's cut into three parts and well worth the watch:





record setting winner's circle!

love this one, this is why celebrities should give the clues.



You are the weakest deal or no deal

from the UK DoND


What's your sign?

So this thing should be standard in cars. Let the people behind you know exactly what you think. If only it was programmable with your own messages.

link: Driv-e-mocion

Thanks for the memory that i'll never get this out of my head!

This is from Weekends with Maury and Connie- i couldn't believe this thing was a real program when it premiered. MSNBC hired them to make a Daily Show-esque news program and it's amazing that it lasted half a year. here's a clip from the finale that's not to be missed.
I know it's been everywhere from Best Week Ever to Forbes but here's the video in case you missed it - or if you just need to see it again.

Mentos and Diet Coke Fountain.

Please try this at home (but you may need a tarp if you do it inside)
Don't eat Mentos and drink Diet Coke at the same time. I'm afraid what would happen.
Thanks to Mike for the 4werd.


Fun search engine that picks the top 10 facts about whatever you type into the search box


Go to Contrivium.

Here's what it said about me:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Drew!

1. Drew can grow up to three feet in a 24 hour period!
2. Dolphins sleep at night just below the surface of Drew, and frequently rise to the surface for air!
3. Astronauts get taller when they are in Drew.
4. In Eastern Africa you can buy beer brewed from Drew!
5. The state nickname of Iowa is 'The Drew state'.
6. Humans share over 98 percent of their DNA with Drew!
7. Over 2000 people have now climbed Drew, with roughly ten percent dying on the way down!
8. Grapes explode if you put them inside Drew.
9. By tradition, a girl standing under Drew cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege!
10. Drew can give birth ten days after being born, and is born pregnant.

Post what it says about you in the Comments section.
Thanks to Gwen for the 4werd.

What's goin on?


I don't care how drunk you are or how much money your bros offer you... NEVER DO THIS.
thanks to Neil for the 4werd.

CLASSIC 4werd:

Oh live TV!
can't remember who sent this to me, but thanks!

It's big in Japan!
Thanks to Tony for this 4werd


Cancel the account!

Thanks to David A. for the 4werd.

Creepy Morning

This ad is so creepy it makes me want to stop drinking coffee altogether.
Thanks to Heather for the 4werd.

Okay, I give up!

Alright. You all know i said i would never ever ever make a blog. but this is not a blog, really, it's just a place for me to post cool stuff that i usually 4werd in email blasts (which i'll still continue to do. but here we go. I'll try to update this will funny stuff regularly and feel free to 4werd them to your friends and cowerkers or point them here.

Because this isn't a diary blog and because i don't think i'm the interesting thing about coming to this site, i promise i won't:
• Bore you with details of my life (like what i did, what's going on at work, movies i went to see, people i hung with)
• Show videos of me eating fast food, dancing, singing on my webcam or talking about myself
• Make this thing about me in any way

If you ever catch me in violation of these rules email me and demand more awesomeness. This is about linking you to the funniest stuff on the interweb. If you're interested, send me an email and i'll hook you up on my email blasts of 4werds, trivia and junks. oh and the name? it's a palindrome! get it? Oh and please email me your suggestions and 4werds, it's the only way to make this site a success!

submit a 4werd: drew4werd@gmail.com

So without further adrieu...
here is the first drew 4werd: